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police-badge-sample.pngimage-gallery-small-all.pngCustom made badges of all types for Police, Sheriff, Deputy, Military Police and all other badge wearing law enforcement professionals. Includes custom presentation badges and hand engraving.

Lawman Badge creates and manufactures high quality innovative badges designed for the most demanding law enforcement professionals. Whether it's a newly designed police badge, or a Sheriff badge like no other, we are the experts for providing custom police badges to meet every law enforcement need. There are no categories of badges for Police, Sheriff, Marshal, Constable, Security, Fire or other organizations that Lawman Badge Company has not made. Our customization is unique in the badge industry as we are able to offer the widest range of service.


When it comes to versatility and uniqueness of design, Lawman Badge Company can handle your request. We've made badges for Hollywood productions, the actual High Sheriff of Cheshire County England appointed by the Queen, a badge and buckle of a past Tombstone, Arizona Marshal appraised at over four thousand dollars and our silversmiths made a custom buckle for the Vice President of the United States. We recently completed a custom badge for Tom Petty and Tommy Lee Jones and our badges were used in 'The Dukes of Hazard" movie. We've made badges for HBO productions, The Cotton Bowl in Texas and an upcoming movie with Chuck Norris as our favorite Texas Ranger. 

testimonial-holewinski.pngPolice agencies, Constables, Sheriffs, Corporate Security and individuals here and abroad have brought their requests to Lawman Badge Company. By dignifying the badge we are able to dignify the wearer and the organization as well. That's why we're different than the rest. We want to stand alone for quality and distinction of design in the badge industry and we are well on our way.

We encourage you to browse our website and call regarding any questions you may have. Our badges have done magnificently well as spokesmen for the agencies they represent and they have proven to be great salesmen as well.

At Lawman Badge we always begin by stressing design excellence and making sure that every badge can be as unique and individualized as the agency itself. The distinctive excellence of each Deputy Sheriff Badge or other law enforcement badge is obvious and never subtle. Ordinary badges go unnoticed and therefore are symbolic of nothing. Law enforcement has symbolized authority and distinction with badges. That's why we're making police badges, sheriff badges, and other custom badges the way we do.

At Lawman Badge we design badges with the elements that reflect the mission, statement and spirit of the agency the badge represents. We do this by using solid design excellence that not only draws on the expertise and experience of our badge company but our customer as well.




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