About Us




The Lawman Badge Company was founded in 1988 on the principal that badges worn by law enforcement officers and other professionals should be of the highest possible quality. Design, manufacturing, service and materials all had to come together is such a way as to make every 'Lawman Badge's stand out from the rest. Whether it's police badges, sheriff badges, fire badges or security, we want every badge we make to be the absolute best.

Founded by a 'Lawman', our Director is a retired Police Chief and has over 35 years experience in law enforcement. Most of his career was spent in the San Francisco Bay Area where there is a great deal of tradition. The priorities laid out for this company always begin with quality. Too many companies have given in to importing badges from 'overseas' and using 'stock dies' along with cut rate manufacturing methods designed to increase profits. Badges that had once been an object of distinction and professionalism were no longer fit to be called heirlooms. Our efforts have been, and will continue to be, directed at insuring that every badge we make is appropriate to the dignity of the service, mission and dedication of the professionals who wear them.



According to our customers, we have done a pretty good job. Read our testimonials contained on these web pages and you will see that our customers are more than just satisfied. Time after time they express their loss for words to describe the unique distinctive quality of the 'Lawman Badge Company' badge.

testimonial-nussbaum-9.pngWe are pleased to find ourselves in this position and our business continues to grow rapidly thanks to every one of our badges being worn across the country. While we're talking about that, many of you are our customers and THANK YOU for being the best Lawman Badge brand ambassadors we could dream of having. Keep showing off those 'Lawman Badges'. We continue to expand our services to meet the increasing demand for badges while retaining the recognition as a producer of the finest badges worn by professional public service officials across the nation. We do this by working closely with each customer to provide badges, challenge coins, miniature badges or whatever they may need when it comes to a better look for the agency. We've included a few photographs on the website to allow you to have a look at us, our badges and satisfied customers as well. 

testimonial-swartz-4.pngUnlike a lot of other badge companies, we aren't interested in getting you to purchase a badge that looks like some other badge. We still firmly believe that the world's best badge design is just waiting to be made and we strive in that direction every day. 

Public Safety personnel are more diversified than ever before and we believe that each agency deserves a 'badge of distinction' that speaks for itself. A badge that makes no statement at all cannot be called an 'emblem of authority'. That's just a logo. It's mostly about badges, badges and more badges here at 'Lawman'. Badges with character, badges that stand out from the rest and badges that just make you happy that you have one.


We make badges for police, sheriff, military, fire, security, government, EMS, Hollywood and many more. We want you to be next and let's take a shot at making the world's best badge together.